Best Places To Visit In Estonia In 2020

Estonia is a largely underrated place, laying peacefully in Northern Europe, a country that has its and bits of all. The country boasts of scenic coastlines, medieval cities, and a massively interesting history to keep people on the hook. The country is bordered by Russia, the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland and Latvia, making it accessible from many places, then what travellers tend to raise questions about. The best thing about travelling to Estonia is, the country is affordable for visitors and does not add to your debts. Among the many places to visit in Estonia, the largest and most visited city is Tallinn. Apart from which, there are many other places that one needs to see when in Estonia.

10 Best Places To Visit In Estonia

The country’s main intriguing sights are sprawled among the various cites all over the country. It is replete with history and scenery which makes it a great place for photography. Although the noteworthy sights are a must visit, one should try and embrace the history from the 15th and 16th Century that the country imbibes on. Therefore, we have made a list of 10 places to visit in Estonia:

  • Tallinn
  • Lahemaa National Park
  • Saaremaa
  • Tartu
  • Narva Castle
  • Parnu
  • Rakvere Castle
  • Hiiumaa
  • Soomaa National Park
  • Viljandi
  • Lake Peipus
  • Matsalu National Park

1. Tallinn

9 Top Attractions & Things to Do in Tallinn, Estonia | PlanetWare

It would be immoral of us to not have mentioned Tallinn in the numero uno spot, for it deserves it. Among the many famous places to visit in Estonia, Tallinn is the foremost in the running. The main attraction or heart of the city is Toompea and it still has kept the ancient and historic ambience very much alive with Cobblestones Street and 15th Century establishments. The region is well preserved and is accessible by walking for history lovers. From the topmost region of Toompea, you can get a view of the hustling and bustling, Old City.

2. Lahemaa National Park

Day trip to Lahemaa National Park, Estonia

The Lahemaa National Park is certainly the most famous places to visit in Estonia. This park is just an hour’s drive from the capital and makes for an ideal day trip. When in the park, do not miss out the Viru Bog or Viru Raba. With an ethereal quality that comprises the beauty of this place, a fascinating thing is the trees poking from the swampy ground. To explore the Viru Bog take the 3-mile broad walk, which is a dry path that helps keep you away from the water for you to enjoy the scenery closely? Also, you can visit the Sagadi Manor, a fascinating spot in the Sagadi Village, located in the center of the park.

3. Saaremaa

Saaremaa & Muhu islands

Saaremaa is the best places to visit in Estonia. The island comprises a history that is 8000 years old. It was ruled by the Swedes, Danes, Russians and the Germans over the years. Visitors who come here spend their time in the capital city of the island, Kuressaare, where you can explore the intact medieval castles. You can even opt for hiking, birdwatching, sightseeing, and photography in and around this area, with the Saaremaa’s Sorve Peninsula’s spectacular scenic destination for visitors to explore.

4. Tartu

Town Hall Square in Tartu, Estonia

Considered as the intellectual hub of the country, Tartu is well known for the University of Tartu. It is the oldest city in the nation which makes it more interesting to visit. The city centre is classically designed with 18th Century buildings, most being an outlet for innovative requirements. The soup neighbourhood is the quirkiest attraction of the city, with street names being named after soup ingredients like beans! It is touted as the best places to visit in Estonia.

5. Narva Castle

Narva Castle - The Association of Castles and Museums around the ...

The easternmost destination on the map of Estonia is the city of Narva. This particular city was heavily bombed during the WWII. However, the beautiful and historic castle of Narva still stands today. The castle is also known as the Hermann Castle, wcentrehich was built in the 13th Century. The castle repletes a good collection of handicraft workshops for people to learn which also includes a museum. The most gorgeous view here is the tower of the Narva castle that overlooks the Russian side of the river.

6. Parnu

Parnu Beach Promenade - 2020 Alles wat u moet weten VOORDAT je ...

The coastal resort city of Parnu is located where the Parnu River falls into the Gulf of Riga. The major attraction here is the beach of Parnu, boasting off about the gorgeous dunes and powdery white sand. Parnu is also famous as the summer capital because most of the Estonians choose to spend their summer vacations here. You can also visit the indoor water park in the area named as the Vee Park. Well, it is one of the best places to visit in Estonia in winter.

7. Rakvere Castle

Rakvere Castle

The Rakvere Castle lays in the northern part of Estonia. Rakvere is a city where humans have lived for 1500 years and the biggest attraction of this place is the Rakvere Castle. It is like a cosplay event every day, where people are dressed. You will find knights polishing their armour, alchemist’s workshops and also get a tour of the ancient wine cellar. There is a place in the castle called Shenkenberg Tavern for you to enjoy a history-themed, ancient dining experience. The Rakvere Castle is among the famous places to visit in Estonia.

8. Hiiumaa

Sääretirp at Kassari in Hiiumaa | Mikael Korhonen | Flickr

If you were to think of Estonia, the island would probably not make it to your imagination. However, Hiiumaa is one of the many islands in Estonia. You can reach this gorgeous piece of land by taking a plane from Tallinn or avail to ferries from multiple coastal cities. Hiiumaa Is a great place to visit for relaxation and having a stress free quiet day. There is a lighthouse from the 19th century of cast iron known as the Tahkuna Lighthouse. It is the tallest in the country.

9. Soomaa National Park

Soomaa National Park, Estonia - The Land of Bogs HD - YouTube

Another one of the fascinating destinations of Estonia is the Soomaa National Park. It was primarily a peat bog, which was formed as a result of glaciers melting more than 10000 years ago. In this area, canoeing is the most popular activity. Also, you can spot deer, elk, beavers, boars, golden eagle and many other animals in this park. The most suggested season to visit this park is the spring season. For its amazing weather and natural feature changes.

10. Viljandi

Estonian town Viljandi is designated as a “creative city” by UNESCO

Viljandi is located in southern Estonia. It is a small city but has a rich history, which dates back to 2600 years. The historic architecture though not all, some of which still remains for the world to see. Among which, the Viljandi Order Castle is a major attraction. It is a ruin from the 16th century, which attracts visitors every year. In the month of July, the city attracts around 20000 visitors for the annual folk music festivals and concerts that are held here. It makes for the largest music festival in all of Estonia.

11. Lake Peipus

Lake Peipus - World Water Database

One of the largest lakes in Western Europe, Peipus is located on the border between Russia and Estonia. The abundance of fishes and wide country roads make this lake a popular holiday destination among locals and foreigners alike. You can explore mansions, traditional markets, lighthouses, and traditional cottages here. It is fairly clean. You can stop by here while you’re visiting Estonia with your family and friends to a picnic by the lake.

12. Matsalu National Park

Matsalu national park

Matsalu National Park is located in the key part of the East Atlantic Flyway. This is a 48,610-hectare nature park created to preserve a plethora of migrating, nesting, and molting birds. It houses a number of highly endangered species, like the white-tailed eagle. Matsalu is famous among bird watchers. All nature lovers must stop by here. This experience will last with you for a lifetime.