Marmite fans shocked after man points out jars’ flat edges are for ‘getting the last bits out’

The “life-changing revelation” was made online with several fans saying their minds had been blown.

The Twitter user uploaded a shot of his marmite jar positioned on its side.

He added the caption: “It took me years to realise that near-empty Marmite jars should be kept on their side so you can the last of it out more easily. That’s why the jar is flat is the sides.”

Since posting earlier today, his tweet has racked up hundreds of likes and a host of flabbergasted responses from his followers.

One said: “Whaaaaaaaatttttt? How have I got to the age of *mumbles incoherently* without knowing this?”

Another added: “You’ve changed my life”, and someone gushed: “The word Epiphany gets used a lot these days, but in this instance it’s fully justified.”

Meanwhile, one person said: “That made me spit my tea out and I’m a Marmite lover.”

And one queried: “Do you reckon even Marmite manufacturers know this? It’s brilliant…thank you!”

Other people were impressed, and offered their own tips for scraping out the last bits of marmite.

A marmite fan advised: “Hot water and added to a sauce, best way to savour every last drop.”

Another agreed: “Now you know! And for the very last dregs, swill it round with hot water for a marmite drink (this is only for those that truly love it).”

And he’s not the first person to point out the unofficial hack, as one person in 2015 also came up with the same theory.

Unilever, the organisation that produces Marmite, has been contacted for comment.